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Who is Eddie Running Wolf? Many asked that question along the road as we searched for the elusive Native American artist. Legend told a tale of a man so talented with a mallet and chisel that he could carve anything out of a piece of wood. Rumors swirled throughout Aspen, Colorado, of an Indian who raised a 125-pound tundra wolf to keep as his pet and companion. His flowing locks of long black hair were believed to have mystical powers over the female persuasion. Challenged by a commission from an avid art collector, Eddie is tasked with carving a life-size female nude statue out of marble, a medium he has never worked with before. Will Eddie ever be able to finish his masterpiece? Or will his personal life and a dose of insanity get in the way of true greatness. Follow the filmmakers as they travel the roads of America trying to solve the riddle of Eddie Running Wolf. Have you seen him?
"At once a road movie, an autobiographical chronicle of tricky family relations, an inquiry into artistic responsibility and — courtesy of one protracted and genuinely disturbing sequence that may be too much for some viewers to bear — a harrowing glimpse into mental illness, the film will spark debate and polarize opinions around the nonfiction festival circuit." -Neil Young

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